Who is this person?

Cass Selwood is an independent wordsmith who up until recently lived in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. From April 2017 Cass became a digital nomad and a resident of Spain.

He is member of the SA Writers' Centre, an Associate Member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), and has a diverse professional history that has included several years in the higher education and research sectors, a (relatively) brief stint in media monitoring and over a decade working the line in commercial kitchens.

His freelance portfolio reflects this professional diversity, with writing/editing credits across a wide range of formats, audiences and media, including - feature journalism, with a focus on food, travel and surf culture; blogging; government and research funding grants; speech writing; content creation for websites and social media; marketing campaigns, both internal and external; media releases and many more.

When he's not slaving over a hot keyboard, Cass can be found either chasing after his two young children or locked away in his man-cave building surfboards under the Sea Dragon Surfboards label. 

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