Editing & Proofreading

Creative, strategic editing and forensic proofreading for the time-poor or grammatically-challenged

Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle.
— Michelangelo


You've spent hours putting together that document/report/thesis - you've sweated, bled and cried for it, lost sleep, stretched friendships and left your life on the backburner. Now you think you've finally finished, but you have a nagging feeling that it's still not quite right. It's good, but is it good enough?

What you need is an editor or, at the very least, a skilled proofreader - someone to run an objective eye over your baby to give it that final polish before you submit.

I have built a reputation as a fastidious, insightful and exacting editor, with a keen political sense and the ability to cut through the fluff and zero in on a project's key messages. Add to this the fact that I am one of those infuriating people who insists on the correct spelling and grammar being used, even - no, especially - in text messages, and you have someone who will not compromise in correcting a document's flaws, no matter how small.

I specialise in editing and proofreading academic writing - PhD theses, grant and other funding applications, assignments, essays etc. - but am more than happy to consult on work in any other format, or from any other professional sector.

Feel free to contact me about finding the solution to all your editing and proofreading requirements, from a full structural edit, to a final spit and polish proof before going to print.